Terms Of Use

This Agreement is a agreement between a customer (“you”) and cekhaniza.com Limited (trading as cekhaniza.com). = 
It is important to read these conditions and terms before you place an order on cekhaniza.com. Before you place an order with cekhaniza.com Please review these Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge by completing the ordering process at cekhaniza.com that you have read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

1) The Agreement

The entire arrangement between your and cekhaniza.com regarding your purchase of goods from cekhaniza.com is in the following form:

(a) these conditions (b) the conditions of the contract.

This contract will become effective in between the parties cekhaniza.com after cekhaniza.com has received and accepted an request. The products are not delivered or sold until an order has been received and accepted. Traderatx.com has the right to accept or reject any purchase. Each transaction is an individual contract.

Shipping and order

Place an order on cekhaniza.com by selecting an item, filling in your payment and personal information and then pressing the “Complete Order” button.

Tradedatx.com presumes that the person that receives your goods via your delivery address has been approved by you to take the items.

(a) the adult placing the purchase or

It is necessary to negotiate with your courier a new date for delivery in case the address where the package will be delivered is not in use. There may be additional charges. Deliveries are from Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm. The exact timing cannot be stated.

Included in the delivery cost include packaging, insurance, as well as the delivery.

The risk of owning a car

Title and risk of the goods passes to you at the time of delivery. the address of delivery.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may contact cekhaniza.com at support@cekhaniza.com within 3 days of receipt to request a Return Authorization (RA).

Items with all original tags in good condition may be exchanged for another size or store credit if you bring along the original purchase receipt, return to store online form and the an RA number.

Sale ends after 10 days. Purchase of all promotional items including pre-orders, phone orders and other items is still valid. Price adjustments are not possible.

All returns have to be shipped through registered post. International purchases (except in the case of defective products), cekhaniza.com is not responsible for return shipping or reimbursement for duty.

We will pay for the exchange of your item for a bigger size. You will be refunded if there isn’t a size in stock. It will cost you the postage of your new piece in the event that you alter your mind. It is recommended to return the item to us for credit in the store if you wish to modify the look.

Price and payment Methods

You will be responsible for shipping and handling charges. You are responsible for paying all import taxes, duties as well as local sales tax applicable to the country or the state from which you ship You have to pay these charges in order for your order to be cleared of customs upon arrival.

The due date for payment is the moment you place your order. cekhaniza.com accepts debit cards, MasterCard and Visa. Tradedatx.com will be the name on your statement.

Labeling and packaging of products

All items shipped from cekhaniza.com will be sent with the packaging most appropriate for the product purchased to ensure that the item is protected. Every garment will come with care labels that should be followed.

License 6)

You have the right to access the cekhaniza.com website from your personal PC to buy items on cekhaniza.com. You agree that you will not access the cekhaniza.com website for any other purpose.

7.) Rights to intellectual property

Tradedatx.com and the companies affiliated with it are the proprietors or possess permission to utilize all the cekhaniza.com’s intellectual property, which includes but is not limited to images, text, or photos that appear on this website. You must not fabricate false representations and shall not duplicate or copy cekhaniza.com or any of its associated companies in any way that is contrary to the intellectual property rights of their proprietor.

Tradedatx.com is the owner of or has permission to use trademarks or logos appearing on its site. You agree not to engage in any activity that would violate on the rights of trademark owners or licensees.

8) Resilience

You acknowledge, to the fullest extent permitted by law, that the responsibility of Tradedatx.com for any breach or alleged infraction of any implied or express conditions or warranties of goods or services you receive by using tradeatx.com is only limited to:

If it is a problem with items, it is your responsibility to either make them available for replacement or to offer alternatives.

(b) In the event that the alleged condition is related to services, provide the service again or bear costs for providing the services again.

You agree that the installation, downloading, use or use of cekhaniza.com is at your own risk. You indemnify cekhaniza.com, and any affiliates to the fullest extent allowed by legal protection from any direct or consequential, indirect or other losses or damages (including including, but not limited to, data loss in the event of a loss of profits or data loss, or any another loss or damage which could reasonably be attributed to). As of the date of this Agreement both parties have taken into account any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with cekhaniza.com or this Agreement and this Agreement, which include but are not limited to loss or damage resulting from the carelessness of cekhaniza.com or its affiliates.


If cekhaniza.comi gives you a password you are responsible for keeping it safe. If unauthorized people use your password, you’ll be held accountable. Tradedatx.com will be held harmless from any misusing your password.

10) Change notification

cekhaniza.com may add, delete or alter any term of the Agreement. Your use of the cekhaniza.com Services is deemed to be your acceptance of such changes.